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I’m currently Lead Editor at Digital.com, CEO at Red Robot Media, Senior Writer at WhoIsHostingThis, and a contributing writer at Privacy Central.

I like writing about B2B services, privacy, surveillance, consumer tech, and weird nerdy things like North Korea’s IP addresses. I’ve had a computer since I was in junior school (an Acorn Electron, to be precise) and first wrote about the internet in 1990 (age 10) for a class project.

I’m a trained technical author, experienced WordPress user, and internet obsessive. I worked in IT support and IT training before becoming a full-time freelance writer in 2010. I also wrote a book on Camtasia Studio with one of my co-writers at Red Robot Media.

A few years back, I made music as Printed Circuit. I have two pugs, drive an electric car, and collect film cameras. My current favourite is my Lomo Instant Milano. I also have a cute 3-year-old son who is really into gadgets. And Barack Obama follows me on Twitter, for unknown and mysterious reasons.

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