Emails, 1 week after Brexit.

I wanted to share a cross-section of the emails I’ve received about my original blog. I’ve removed any details that could identify the authors, which means some are shorter than the original emails I received. If you’re quoted, and you’d rather I remove your comments, just drop me a line.

“Let’s be happy and move on” I’m sorry we took that literally, we are quitting England. My husband already found another job, we are moving in Scotland in one year….

Perhaps you should have been writing for Camoron and Osborne, you appear to have gained a Masters degree in project fear. Perhaps a visit to your GP would help to cure your irrational fear.

There is nothing to be gained by wingeing on and in about something that can’t be changed. Get over it and put your energies into making the best of it!! We are not dead yet.

This is the best thing I have read since the referendum started What has happened to the country my Father fought so bravely for in the Royal Navy plus two world wars also my sister in the WRENS !!!

I would like to thank you for laying fingers on keys, for getting words out of an emotional tumble, for saying how you see it, feel it and experience it. The IT being the utter and total desolation of our identity. I hope more people get to read your text, I hope that like all good obituaries it enables people to openly grieve, and, by grieving we are able to perceive what was there, what we had and what we are loosing.

This can be and should be stopped now. Before we tear this country apart. Lobby your MP to reject pushing that Article 50 mutually assured destruction button

I was just about to feel resigned and try and meet people in the middle ground when you reminded me about why I am angry. Thanks

this vote was as much a ‘no confidence’ in our government and its policies locally as anything else which most seem to be ignoring.

I lived outside the UK in the EU for 40 years and moved back to the UK three years ago […] Now it looks as if we may have to move back to the EU as we spend about 4 months every year there and this makes it impossible for my wife to get UK nationality and status as a UK resident.
I appreciate your blog, it is one of the few comforts I have to read someone with the same view as I have, please keep it up.

The E.U has plenty of problematic issues, I am not naive enough to think that every thing was wonderful but it is an assembly of ADULTS. Surely we should be working things out together with a lot of give and take not scheming and gambling with peoples futures.

I run a charity that helps the poorest people in the poorest country in the world. I’m now really worried as to how we will be able to retain our funding in the current climate.

I am more than 100% with you on your views of Brexit.
My heart is broken.
I lived and worked in different EU countries, and my kids grew up and went to school outside the UK […]. My mother was Hungarian. I receive a pension from there, which I may now loose. […]
I feel disempowered and frustrated. And unbelievably sad.

Thank you for expressing things I entirely agree with, and have shared widely.
It takes courage! I just made these (this is not a plug I promise) and i notice that I am even nervous to wear mine.
Bloody hell.

I have tears in my eyes. I nearly cried last Friday morning and I’ve felt down ever since and, even with everything you’ve referred to in your post […] I’ve managed not to shed tears. But now…
All I can say to you is – and this seems pathetically inadequate – I am so, so, sorry. For you. For me, for my daughters, and my grand-children. For the rest of Britain, and for Europe.

I am Scottish, with a UK passport, but I live in Austria with my daughter. When I lose the EU connection, will I have to go and live out my last days in UK? Where? Who will care for me?
The lack of knowledge is frightening.

I’m disabled and am currently unable to work. I’m hoping to be in a position to work again. I haven’t a clue what I’m going to do and am at the mercy of IDS, Gove, Johnson and Farage.

I’m more scared for my children, though. My 16 year old has already stated that he […] will leave at the first opportunity and my 13 year old […] is absolutely furious that he has no future.

My only hope is that the Labour Party will sort itself out and oust this horrible lot at the next election.

Such short-sightedness. We have a similar problem here in the US…someone running for president who has all the answers. I send my compassion to you and all those who voted to stay in the EU.

we have a farm France but we are English, and our world and that of our children has just been turned upside down.
I hope you don’t mind me sharing this with others locally, you have succinctly put into words something that no politician has so far dared!

The events of the last few days, including legal opinions on the need for a new Act of Parliament, lead me to believe/hope that it won’t happen.  But the uncertainty and instability it will cause in the meantime is unacceptable.

 Wonderful. We, all of us with shared concerns, need to help encourage people to rise to the occasion and mobilise to help change the way we do everything. What has happened is a crime against reason, culture and humanity…

I don’t think this is over by a long way yet, so we all need to take heart, speak up and hope.