Don’t Relax, Brexiteers, It’s Not Over Yet

On June 26th last year, I wrote that blog post. Today, Article 50 is triggered, and Theresa May says it’s time to come together and be friends and jolly well make the most of the catastrophic fuck-up ahead.

Not a chance.

While 9 months have passed, I don’t feel any different in my instinctive, deep seated, irrevocable revulsion against what the UK has done. I don’t feel one iota less angry or scared than I did on June 26th, and I know I’m not alone in that.

Of course, we now know that Brexit is not really about exiting the EU at all. It’s a process of stripping workers’ rights and downgrading public services, as the Tories convert the UK into a grotty, damp little tax haven for them and their mates. Scotland? Yeah, fuck them. Peace in Ireland? Fuck that, too.

Nigel Farage suddenly seems a little less jubilant. He says he’ll leave the country if Brexit doesn’t work out. Because remember: he’s a member of the establishment, an ex-banker. He can afford to, and he doesn’t give a shit if you can’t afford to do the same.

Any pretense we were fed about this being a protest about sovereignty or globalisation has vanished. The people that sold Brexit on an extra £350m per week for the NHS have voted in Parliament against their own promise.

Actually, now I think about it, I’m more angry than I was in June last year.

This isn’t over. There’s a good chance that Article 50 is reversible. There will be opportunities to vote against the impending economic ruin of the UK in local elections. My company, Red Robot, has just registered an Estonian sister company so we can continue to trade in the EU. And I feel confident that young people in this country will stand up and fight for the benefits of EU membership.

Brexit is being reported as a triumphant victory against the “evils” of the European Union. The people who think that presume they can drown us out when we reject it. They can’t. Brexit is essentially a particularly nasty streak of the British psyche lashing out in fear against a modern, open, integrated, peaceful world.

The Daily Mail and the Sun do not speak for me, and neither does Theresa May. Have faith. As long as we have faith, it’s not over.