Author: Claire

Printed Circuit is now on Patreon

Printed Circuit is my musical pseudonym. I released quite a lot of records between 2000-2011. After a long break, I am back to making music again, thanks to the Patreon platform. If you’re interested, please take a look at the Printed Circuit Patron page where you can sign up to receive new songs for a pledge

FreeAgent Adds Handy Late Payment Statistics

FreeAgent* has just added some rather nice late payment features to its accounting software, as part of its new Insights feature. I’m going to borrow their images to demonstrate, rather than blurring out my own images, since I think they show the functionality better than a half-obscured screenshot could. 1. How late (or early) do your

Don’t Accept my Invite – It’s Spam

I’m a big fan of online networking to find new writing work. Earlier today, I received an invite to a new site, It looked like a promising resource. I was wrong. Don’t sign up to has the glossy graphics of a reputable social network. But without my permission, it sent spam emails to

Dealing with Late Payments: 6 Steps to Get Paid

Dealing with late payments and overdue invoices is the worst thing about working independently. If you’re a freelancer, or you run a small business, you will understand the misery of watching invoices go more and more overdue as you scrape together cash for your mortgage. Often, payment problems are minor and will sort themselves out

MPs Don’t Own the Problem of Online Abuse

Theresa May has set up a new inquiry that will look at abuse suffered by MPs during the recent election. I’m interested that nobody set up an inquiry that looked at the continued racist abuse suffered by Gina Miller. (The 4th Viscount St Davids called her a “fucking boat jumper” from a “steaming jungle”, for