Author: Claire Broadley

7 Ways to Cash In Your PAYG SIM Credit

  If you often switch phones, you’ll probably have ended up with a drawer full of old SIM cards. Some of these may have credit on them. We recently conducted a SIM card audit in our Leeds office and found more than £30 of unused credit on various cards. Mobile phone networks often bundle pay

Succeeding, Irrespective of Trump

Succeeding, Irrespective of Trump Sallie Krawcheck is the ex-CEO of the largest ‘wealth management’ business in the world, Merrill Lynch, and held executive roles at Citi Wealth Management, Smith Barney, and others. She recently published this blog. What Trump Could Mean for Women in Business (and It May Not Be What You Think) Let’s look at

Tech, Trump and Twitter

The media (and the current POTUS) sat up and noticed when Donald Trump gave up his Twitter account before the election. Trump is a proficient Twitter user. He’s had high-profile spats, and used social media to chastise the press, even after he became President-elect. Those who follow @realDonaldTrump may have noticed a difference in the tone and wording


My friend Archie died in September, having been diagnosed with a rare tumor a few months before. Before Archie’s memorial service, I’d spent about two weeks organising photos of his handsome face and figured I was pretty well prepared for a funeral. I had gone through the darkness and the shock. I would be fine on the

Emails, 1 week after Brexit.

I wanted to share a cross-section of the emails I’ve received about my original blog. I’ve removed any details that could identify the authors, which means some are shorter than the original emails I received. If you’re quoted, and you’d rather I remove your comments, just drop me a line. “Let’s be happy and move on” I’m sorry we took

13 Brexit questions we should all be asking.

How was Vote Leave allowed to walk more than 70 million people off a cliff without a parachute, while quietly deleting all of its campaign promises from its website? Why is Boris Johnson’s Telegraph column his only meaningful response to the crisis we are in? Is it OK that he gets paid £5,000 a week for communicating with the public