13 Brexit questions we should all be asking.

How was Vote Leave allowed to walk more than 70 million people off a cliff without a parachute, while quietly deleting all of its campaign promises from its website? Why is Boris Johnson’s Telegraph column his only meaningful response to the crisis we are in? Is it OK that he gets paid £5,000 a week for communicating with the public

Moving on from ‘independence day’.

My Brexit blog has received an overwhelming number of visits, and I’ve received lots of emails about it. (One reader pointed out that “at least we are not dead”, which is certainly a straw worth clutching at.) Before I post again, just a few points: It’s just a blog. If you need someone to insult, plenty of politicians are fair

Sore losers.

If I finished last in a race, then blamed my running shoes, that would make me a sore loser. If I finish last in a race when the other runners have a head start, that doesn’t make me a sore loser. If someone lies to win a vote, and then backtracks on those lies as soon as

So. You want me to be happy?

On Friday morning, I was given notice that my EU citizenship will be taken away. The house in the sun – the one that I planned to retire to – is no longer for sale. My 2-year-old son will no longer be allowed to move freely through the EU when he grows up, as I was fortunate enough