Sore losers.

If I finished last in a race, then blamed my running shoes, that would make me a sore loser.

If I finish last in a race when the other runners have a head start, that doesn’t make me a sore loser.

If someone lies to win a vote, and then backtracks on those lies as soon as they’ve won, we are not sore losers for pointing that out.

Listen: I don’t want another referendum. The referendum was an example of Machiavellian politicians manipulating the public on the back of ugly nationalism. There should have been safeguards against that. But now it’s done, it’s done. Fine.

But a referendum is only effective if everybody is informed.

The day the result was announced, people rang the Electoral Commission asking to change their vote, because Nigel Farage retracted a key promise before most voters had got out of bed. And it wasn’t the last one to be retracted. Evan Davis was spitting feathers. Vote Leave campaigners quickly realised they were not informed. We are allowed to say that maybe, just maybe, this skewed the referendum result. This does not make us sore losers.

We live in a country where the right wing press have been pumping xenophobia, racism and lies into the public psyche for decades. We are allowed to reason that maybe, just maybe, this jeopardises democracy. This does not make us sore losers.

We were given no information on the plan for Brexit (because, as we now know, there is no plan). And one side were allowed to drive a bus around the country with a huge lie painted on the side. Misinformed. Sore losers, though. Right?

Oh, I’m sure Nigel Farage would never have complained if the result was the other way around. And if he is finally gifted a seat in the House of Lords, after failing to be elected 7 times, we will all be very sore losers.