13 Brexit questions we should all be asking.

  1. How was Vote Leave allowed to walk more than 70 million people off a cliff without a parachute, while quietly deleting all of its campaign promises from its website?
  2. Why is Boris Johnson’s Telegraph column his only meaningful response to the crisis we are in?
  3. Is it OK that he gets paid £5,000 a week for communicating with the public via the Telegraph?
  4. Is it OK that the contents of his column were pure fiction anyway?
  5. Is this guy fit to be prime minister if he can’t even back up the promises he made in a referendum?
  6. How come Michael Gove is too busy playing Monopoly to show his face in public?
  7. Did anybody vote for Sarah Vine?
  8. Is it a coincidence that the Labour party is trying to force Jeremy Corbyn to resign before the Chilcott report is published, because of the threat that they will all be implicated in war crimes?
  9. Is it a coincidence that Portland Communications, a company that employs Alastair Campbell, has allegedly engineered ways to make Jeremy Corbyn look bad in the press?
  10. If the Parliamentary Labour Party is so concerned about winning an election, wouldn’t now be a really good time to be helping the people they are supposed to represent?
  11. Is anybody doing anything to prevent Brexit brain drain?
  12. Why is Nigel Farage given free reign to make us look even more idiotic than we already feel?
  13. Can someone ring Nicola Sturgeon?