I’m a freelance technical writer, specialising in tech and business blogging. I also write system documentation and content for the web. I run Red Robot Media, a content production company in the UK and have written for sites like the Huffington Post, Lifehacker, Quidco, Dell, eBay, and Kissmetrics.


These days, I spend most of my time contributing to WhoIsHostingThis, and have a degree of editorial input. Common topics include web hosting, IoT, and digital citizenship. Here’s my article about the weird internet in North Korea. Some of my work – like my Ultimate Guide to the Investigatory Powers Act – has appeared on Reddit.

I have had a computer since I was 5, when I taught myself BASIC, and I have been using the internet since I was 7. This is my favourite thing that has ever happened online.


I made music as Printed Circuit. I have two pugs, drive an electric car, and collect analogue cameras. My current favourite is my Lomo Instant Milano. You can see a mini portfolio of my work on my LinkedIn page, and you can follow me on Twitter.

If you’ve enjoyed one of my articles, I accept tips via bitcoin. Thank you.